Photos are aggregated from different websites with different licenses. Most of them are only for internal use in design mockups. Carefully check each photo source before you decide to use in a live public project and make sure you are allowed to do that.

If you want to request a removal of any photo send email to We will immediately create a special case and not aggregate that photo from the source website anymore.

Please don’t be a bad person and use any of the photos in fake testimonials. It’s very easy to reverse image search and find out that it’s fake. The UI Faces project goal is to help designers quickly get to stock photos that they can use in design mockups and not for public live projects.

Each individual source license is listed below.

For commercial and non-commercial use
– UnsplashView license
– PexelsView license
For internal design mockups
– RandomUserView license
– This Person Does Not ExistView license
– Generated.photosView license
– DonatedView license