UI Faces

🌍 Aggregated photographs

Photos aggregated from various sources come with different licensing terms. While many are suitable for internal use in design mockups, it's essential to review the specific license of each photo before using it in any public or live project. Ensure you have the necessary permissions for your intended use.

Should you wish to request the removal of any photo, please send an email to hi@uifaces.co. We will promptly address your concern by creating a special case to cease aggregating the specified photo from its source website.

✨ AI-generated images

Images generated by OpenAI's DALL-E are offered under a license that allows for both internal and commercial use. This means you can freely utilize these AI-generated photos in a variety of settings, from personal projects to commercial applications, without concerns about licensing restrictions.

However, it's always recommended to review the specific terms provided by OpenAI for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding usage rights and restrictions.

Important: Please do not misuse these photos for fake testimonials, as they can be easily identified through reverse image search. UI Faces primarily provides stock photos for design mockups and is not recommended for use in public, live projects.