UI Faces

2017 - 2018
UI Faces began in 2017 as a web app featuring a custom-coded aggregator that collected images from stock photo websites. Utilizing AI from Microsoft’s Face API, the app analyzed and categorized these images by attributes such as age, emotion, and gender. This paved the way for building a Sketch plugin.

2018 - 2019
The project gained traction and caught Adobe’s attention, leading to a partnership and the development of the UI Faces plugin for Adobe XD. This venture positioned UI Faces as one of the earliest and most popular plugins for Adobe XD, a platform I had already embraced with enthusiasm, as evidenced in my early experiences with Adobe XD.

2019 - 2020
As UI Faces evolved, collaboration with Michael Reimer and J. de Freitas resulted in a complete overhaul of the Adobe XD plugin. We shifted from random photo insertions to a more refined user experience, offering a gallery for users to preview and select avatars, enhancing usability and choice.

2020 - Today
The journey continued with the Figma plugin, leveraging the same aggregator API. Over time, this version emerged as the most popular and widely used among the three plugins. In 2023, I took a significant step forward by transitioning the plugin's focus to AI-generated avatars, moving away from aggregating third-party content.